Penetration and surrender can occur

“The inviting of the masculine essence to come deep into you requires that you become totally vulnerable, opening, embracing, surrendering to, and receiving the male essence in its totality. How deeply do you trust the masculine? When the seven gates are open, you are letting a man deep into your soul and your feminine essence, fully into the womb consciousness, which also has enormous benefits for him.

This letting in, of course, can only happen through deep mutual intimacy and surrender to the other. When enough sexual, emotional, and heart healing has been done by both partners – both alone and in the mirror of the relationship – then this penetration and surrender can occur, organically unfolding the gates. The level of mutual love, trust, commitment, and willingness to grow are key factors in this, as well as the the ability of the man to be able to support the woman, to be the safe pillar for the woman, therefor letting her go deeper into her own essential feminine nature and deeper into the womb consciousness, taking the masculine with her.

One starts to make love in a different way on the subtle planes and goes deeper into bliss. The man becomes swallowed in the infinite womb and surrenders to this drawing inward into the depths where all men wish to go, back to the life force, and original innocence. The man becomes humbled and empowered in a new manner and the woman rests in ease and deep acknowledgment of her own divine nature, born from the deeper connecting and opening of the womb and heart. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are born.”

The Power of Shakti, Padma Aon Prakasha

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